Human mode (Light)

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I unlock the Extra Stage?

Extra unlock requirements depend on which game you are playing. The minimum requirements to unlock Extra for each game are listed in the table below.

Aside from SoEW (Touhou 2) and PoFV (Touhou 9), meeting the requirement with a certain shottype will only unlock Extra for that shottype.

# Game Minimum requirement
Touhou 2SoEWEasy 1cc with all shottypes
Touhou 4LLSNormal 1cc
Touhou 5MSEasy 1cc
Touhou 6EoSDNormal 1cc
Touhou 7PCB (Extra)Easy 1cc
Touhou 7PCB (Phantasm)Extra 1cc AND 60 Spell Cards captured across all shottypes
Touhou 8INEasy FinalA clear AND Easy FinalB 1cc
Touhou 9PoFVEasy clear with all characters
Touhou 10MoFNormal 1cc
Touhou 11SANormal 1cc*
Touhou 12UFONormal 1cc
Touhou 12.8GFWEasy 1cc all routes
Touhou 13TDNormal 1cc
Touhou 14DDCEasy 1cc
Touhou 15LoLKPointdevice Easy 1cc OR Legacy Easy 1cc
Touhou 16HSiFSEasy 1cc
Touhou 17WBaWCEasy 1cc
Touhou 18UMEasy 1cc

* SA (Touhou 11) has a bug where Extra is locked if you 1cc the game on Easy. This forces you to 1cc on Normal or higher again.