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How do I get more resources?

Extra lives

Extra lives are commonly referred to as extends or 1ups. The table below tells you what system for awarding extends each game uses.

In LoLK (Touhou 15) on Pointdevice Mode, you do not get any extra lives, but instead have the ability to retry a section when you die.

# Game Extend system Notes (m = million, b = billion)
Touhou 1HRtPScoreEvery 400k*
Touhou 2SoEWScore1m, 2m, 3m, 5m, 8m
Touhou 3PoDDScore10m and 20m
Touhou 4LLSScore3m, 8m, 15m, 22m, 30m
Touhou 5MSPoint itemsEvery 100
Touhou 6EoSDScoreMaingame: 10m, 20m, 40m, 60m
Extra: -
Touhou 7PCBPoint itemsMaingame: 50, 125, 200, 300, 450, 800, every +200 onwards
Extra/Phantasm: 200, 500, 800, 1300
Touhou 8INPoint itemsMaingame: 100, 250, 500, 800, 1100
Extra: 200 and 666
Touhou 9PoFVScore10m, 30m, 50m, 70m, 90m
Touhou 10MoFScoreMaingame: 20m, 40m, 80m, 150m
Extra: 30m, 100m
Touhou 11SALifepiecesDropped when clearing a boss attack without dying, 5 per life
Touhou 12UFOLifepiecesDropped from red UFOs and bosses, 4 per life
Touhou 12.8GFWMotivationGained by freezing as well as shooting enemies
Touhou 13TDLifepiecesDropped by pink spirits and boss attacks, gradually increases from 8 per life up to 25 per life
Touhou 14DDCLifepiecesDropped every 5th bonus or on a x2.0 bonus, 3 per life
Touhou 15LoLKLifepiecesPointdevice Mode: -
Legacy Mode: Gained by getting Chapter Bonuses, 3 per life**
Touhou 16HSiFSScoreMaingame: 10m, 20m, 40m, 70m, 100m, 150m, 250m, 500m, 1b
Extra: 10m, 20m, 40m, 60m, 80m, 100m
Touhou 17WBaWCLifepiecesDropped when ending Roaring Mode with a lifepiece spirit in stock, 3 per life
Touhou 18UMCardsSee bottom of page

* In HRtP (Touhou 1), you do not get an extra life for a multiple of 400k if the score is achieved through a stage clear bonus.

** In LoLK (Touhou 15), you need 5 lifepieces instead of 3 to gain a life in Extra.


Most games have bombs as a separate resource, shown right below your life count. However, in MoF (Touhou 10) and SA (Touhou 11) you bomb by spending Power. GFW (Touhou 12.8) has a unique bomb system, known as Perfect Freeze, which is a percentage up to 300% and costs 100% to use. Bombs do not exist in PoFV (Touhou 9).

The default stock is 3 bombs, which you receive both when starting a run and when you die. In some games though, it works a bit differently. Furthermore, you are awarded a bomb if you get an extra life when you already have the maximum number of lives.

# Game Bomb system Stock size How to get bombs
Touhou 1HRtPStandard1Bomb items; you gain 1 bomb when you die
Touhou 2SoEWStandard3**Bomb items
Touhou 3PoDDStandard22 bombs every new round
Touhou 4LLSStandard2Bomb items, clearing a stage (except the Final Stage)
Touhou 5MSStandard3Bomb items
Touhou 6EoSDStandard3Bomb items
Touhou 7PCBStandard3***Bomb items
Touhou 8INStandard3Bomb items****
Touhou 9PoFVStandard--
Touhou 10MoFPower-Every 1.00 power
Touhou 11SAPower-Every 1.00 power
Touhou 12UFOStandard2Bomb items and pieces dropped from green UFOs
Touhou 12.8GFWPerfect Freeze-Gained by freezing; you gain 25% when you die
Touhou 13TDStandard2Bombpieces dropped by green spirits and boss attacks, 8 per bomb
Touhou 14DDCStandard3Bombpieces dropped every bonus, unless a lifepiece is dropped; 8 per bomb
Touhou 15LoLKStandard3Pointdevice Mode: Gained by getting Chapter Bonuses, 5 per bomb
Legacy Mode: Dropped by Spell Cards in Extra only, 5 per bomb
Touhou 16HSiFSStandard3Bomb items, bombpieces dropped from capturing boss attacks and certain enemies
Touhou 17WBaWCStandard3*****Dropped when ending Roaring Mode with a bombpiece spirit in stock, 3 per bomb
Touhou 18UMStandard3See bottom of page

** In SoEW (Touhou 2), when you die and have 0 extra lives left, you will receive 2 bombs in addition to the stock. You start out with 1 bomb in Extra.

*** In PCB (Touhou 7), Marisa and Sakuya have different bomb stocks. Marisa starts out with 2 bombs and Sakuya starts out with 4 bombs.

**** In IN (Touhou 8), if playing as Ghost Team, you get an extra bomb when clearing a stage with less than 3 bombs left.

***** In WBaWC (Touhou 17), if playing as an Otter shottype, you start out with 4 bombs.

Lives and bombs in UM (Touhou 18)

Lives can be gained by buying certain cards from the shop, as well as collecting fragment cards on stages. The Life Card will award a life. The Phoenix's Tail will award 3 lives. The Physical Enhancement Jizo will award a life, as well as awarding a fragment upon clearing each next stage. Using the Item Season card to summon Lily White, then defeating her, may cause her to drop a life fragment. The Fragmented Life Card will award a life fragment; that card is also dropped by certain stage enemies. The Dragon Pipe will award a life fragment for each time you capture a spell.

Bombs can be gained by buying certain cards from the shop as well. The Spell Card (not to be confused with the boss attacks) will award a bomb. Princess Kaguya's Secret Stash will award a bomb whenever you get hit. Spell Before The Fall will award a bomb when bought and also award a bomb upon clearing each next stage. Great Tengu's Barley Rice will award a bomb fragment if used at full power. Using the Item Season card to summon Lily White, then defeating her, may cause her to drop a bomb fragment. The Fragmented Spell Card will award a bomb fragment; that card is also dropped by certain stage enemies.