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Which game to start with

This guide is courtesy of ZM

Note: this is merely a short guide that new players can look into for some sort of guidance on which of the Touhou games (bullet hells only) to play first. This will not go too in-depth with the games in general.

Assuming you are reading this, you are most likely a new player that wants to know specific information on how to get into these games. Currently, there are 18 mainline games and they are as follows:

PC-98 games:

PC-98 games are uncommonly played, but accessing them is not too difficult. Buying them is a different story, though. Out of all of them, LLS is seen as the easiest game to get into mechanic/difficulty-wise, so it's a solid candidate to play first if you want to get into playing these games. LLS and MS are most similar to the Windows games in terms of game design and general feel, while the other three have specific mechanics about them that might make them more challenging to get into. Feel free to ask about PC-98 games in general around the community; there are quite a few fans of these games that would be happy to assist new players.

Windows games:

It may be daunting to see which game would be a great starting point to get into considering there are so many to choose from, but thankfully, everything is quite accessible with the right mindset going into it. In terms of the more simple mechanics for aiming for clears, games such as EoSD, PCB, IN, MoF, and DDC would be more ideal to start out with compared to the others. Even then, you could simply try out every game and see which one they like best. You never know which game will click with you the most.

As for difficulty (and this goes for PC-98 games as well), try to start on Normal first. If Normal proves to be too intimidating, then there is no shame in dropping down to Easy and working your way up from there. Starting on Easy is also fine. Don't worry about the 'EHHHHH EZ MODO?!?!' memes, anyone that spams that nonsense either is a chump who can barely 1cc Normal modes or simply doesn't play. Ignore them. Many players have gotten their first clears on Easy and have worked their way up to very high levels (myself included).

Side games:

These are interesting games to try out once you find yourself situated and comfortable with playing Touhou, I recommend you give them a chance when possible. GFW is most similar to the mainline games in regards to having Easy, Normal, Hard, Lunatic, and Extra (there are only three stages in the main game, though). StB, DS, ISC, and VD are 'scene' games, which do not feature full stages, but instead offer individual patterns that players can experience.