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THWiki Popularity Poll 2023 Results - Voting Guide

Unfortunately, the Touhou Popularity Poll is still Japanese-only this year. There should be support for English by next year though. At least the important buttons are translated, but this guide is there to help you.

Credit goes to IceFairy for the English translations used in this guide.

Touhou Popularity Poll website:



Sign-up options

You can sign up for the Touhou Popularity Poll by clicking "Issue Voting ID". You will then fill in your email in the first textbox, and optionally your previous voting ID in the second textbox (see below).

Of course, you can also sign up with Google or Twitter if you so desire.

Email form

If you used the "Issue Voting ID" method, it might take some time, but you should receive an email containig your voting ID. You will use this voting ID to fill in your votes.


After issuing your ID, click on "Vote Now" either at the bottom of the main page, or in the navigation menu on the left.
Choose your category from the big buttons to start voting!

Voting form

Each voting form will look like this. The first textbox is for your voting ID. The second one is, optionally, your nickname.

You can type in character names in English, and it will show the Japanese name of the character that matches your input.

Character name autocomplete

The first one gets 2 points, all others get 1 point. The second textbox for each item is optional; you can fill in additional comments there.

Voting for music is a bit more complicated, but they are at least in chronological order, and since some of them have English subtitles, that helps a lot in searching for the one you want. Using machine translators such as Google Translate is also a good idea here.

For the questionnaire, there is a translation of the 2022 iteration on the main page on this site:

At the bottom, there is a checkbox. If you check it, you agree to potentially having your comments featured on the Touhou Station stream. Leave it unchecked if you do not want to be part of it.

Submitting supporting fanworks

To submit a supporting fanwork for a character, navigate to "Support Works" using the navigation menu on the left.

Support Works menu item

On this page, scroll to the very bottom, where you will find the submission form. See below for English translations of the page and the form.

What are support works?

(Translation) Here's a support link where people can freely register their works. Please feel free to register URLs of illustrations, videos, and other works to show support for your favourite characters. Liven up the popularity poll with your support!

We will begin accepting submissions from the 10th of September.

Before you submit

Please only submit your own original work.

Submission Rules

Support Works submission form

At the bottom of the form, there is a checkbox. If you check it, you agree to potentially having your work featured on the Touhou Station stream. Leave it unchecked if you do not want to be part of it. See below for a translation of the surrounding text.

Touhou Station checkbox

Regarding featuring your work on Touhou Station

(Translation) We are planning to feature some of the submitted works during the Touhou Station broadcast planned for the 30th of September at 20:00 (JST). If you are free to having your work featured on stream, please check the box below.

You can still submit works even if you disagree to having them shown on stream. We will not publish your agreement/disagreement to have your works featured.

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