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Gensokyo Replay Archive

A complete archive of the Touhou replays from, with the same search functionality as said website.

On 25 September 2019, expired, and as of the 30th it is inaccessible. As such, this archive has been created to preserve all of its replays. Unlike the original website, these replays cannot be deleted.

The table resulting from search can be sorted by score, date etc. (note that this might be slow depending on the size), and the player name can be clicked to view the corresponding replay in detail.

CategoryPCB Phantasm
Game Version1.00b
Upload Date2011-04-18 16:52:45
TypeNormal run
CommentMissed a potential border because I didn't end a certain noncard at the right spot. Inferior stage route as well but I no longer have the excuse of using it next time I come back to improve this. The 'border during Ran's opener' isn't bad at all anyway, but the main problem was summoning the second one early enough instead of having to break it because I picked one up so late. Well I could still do that...12-16K CherryMax loss isn't so bad. Perfect Yukari battle like last time but it was a little close.