Phantasmagoria of Flower View

This is a portal for competitive PoFV play, featuring the current tier list, a guide to help you get started with netplay, and links to relevant resources as well as the rules of tournaments for the game, held at the Phantasmagoria Netplay Discord server.


Tier List

This tier list is an average of the opinions of competitive players in the English-speaking community. Click a character to see their stats and a brief description of their competitive use.


Netplay Guide

First of all, you need to use the following link to download and install a package of necessary netplay tools:

After that, you want to extract all of the content of the .zip file to your PoFV game folder, i.e. the one that contains th09.exe. Your folder should look like this:

PoFV folder

Once everything has been extracted to the folder, you are ready to connect to whoever hosts at any time, using programs called Adonis, Adonise (English) and Adonis2. This is what it looks like in Adonis2, the current standard tool used by the PoFV netplay community:

Connection in Adonis2

To be able to host, you need to either port forward or use Zerotier (Hamachi works as well, but is not used by the PoFV netplay community). This is what it looks like in Adonis2:

Hosting in Adonis2


Adonis crashes while trying to connect to someone.

This means that you couldn’t connect to the host. If this happens, make sure that the host has port forwarded or is currently hosting via Hamachi or Zerotier.

=> The host is hosted via Zerotier.

Make sure that you both have connected to someone already a part of the network first and then try again. For Zerotier to work, everyone needs to have some sort of connection to the host of the network.

=> The host has port forwarded or is 100% sure that Zerotier is working.

Try to host by yourself and play in either compatibility mode or as an Administrator.

=> None of the above is working.

Go into your firewall and click advanced settings and then inbound rules and make sure the rules for Adonis and th09 are enabled. If you are using Zerotier make sure that is enabled as well. (both host and person connecting needs to do this)

Windows Firewall properties

The game crashes after successfully connecting to someone.

Try launching the game in either compatibility mode or as an Administrator.

=> It still doesn’t work with the solution above.

Your Adonis might be broken. Try joining the Phantasmagoria Netplay Discord server and ask for someone else's files.

Tournament Rules

  1. Players must be in the Phantasmagoria Netplay Discord server in order to submit replays and receive important communications about the tournament.
  2. Participants will use the Adonis 2 netplay tool, and will need a stable connection. Players will need port forwarding set up or ZeroTier installed to ensure they can play against other participants. Adonis 1 can be used instead if both players agree.
  3. Replay auto-save must be enabled in Adonis 2. After a match, zip the replay files into a single archive and send them to the organizer over Discord as soon as possible, via the #replay-submissions channel. These will be used for the stream, and shared afterwards as a tournament archive. Please use the format "<match number> <left player> vs <right player>" for archive names. Match number is from the bracket on Challonge. For example, if ZUN hosted a game against pbg, and this was match #9 as listed on the bracket, afterwards it should be submitted as 9 ZUN vs to the #replay-submissions channel. This makes it much easier for the streamer to keep track of everything.
  4. All matches will be played as best of 3, until the Finals which will be played as best of 5. (Finals include Winners' Final, Losers' Final, and Grand Finals.)
  5. All matches will be played on Lunatic difficulty to speed up sets.
  6. All characters are allowed, but you must stay on your pick if you win a game while the loser may change if desired.
  7. The chosen stage for every set is Misty Lake, due to possible frame drops on other stages and bullet visibility, especially for those that are color blind.
  8. Test rounds are allowed. Checking for desyncs at round start by hugging the middle is recommended, but not mandatory.
  9. The host will always be player one, unless both participants agree otherwise.
  10. Please use a random number generator for who picks their character first if counterpicking becomes a problem in the first game.
  11. Any form of smurfing or using alternate accounts will result in a ban for the next tournament. This disrupts seeding, both for the current tournament and future ones, and causes inaccurate results.

Fundamentals of PoFV Gameplay

Tournament Archive

French Guide